Spineart is a privately held medical device company focused on simplifying the surgical act by designing, developing and promoting safe and efficient solutions to spine surgeons, operating room teams, and patients.

    Spineart is a pioneer in its field, having introduced unique patented and clinically validated technologies in the fields of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Motion Preservation, Fusion, Biologics, and Fractures Treatment.


    For our Digital System Department, we are looking for a BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DATA ENGINEER



    • Consolidate and report available information store in Spineart’s databases (D365 F&O + other sources).
    • Setup and maintain a persistent BI architecture (long term vision, project management, developments, tests, and reports deployment protocols).
    • Simplify and modernize current BI.
    • Dismiss all volatiles data sources (Excel, Access, etc.).


    Your responsibilities will be to:

    • Create, Handle and Maintain BI reports.
    • Understand and master Spineart’s business processes.
    • Identify, understand, and formalize business needs.
    • Track delays: Anticipation, Alert, Communication.
    • Collaborate closely with business team.
    • Data restitution, if needed, accompany data validation.
    • Train users, making them autonomous.
    • Train internal support 1 to level 1 support.
    • Collaborate with software engineers implementing data availability in BI (modernize and transform data, mainly for volatile data).


    The main tasks and responsibilities you will be in charge upon start of employment  (9-12 months) will be the following:

    • Audit existing BI.
    • Define an action plan, including planning, for BI revamp.
    • Implement tracking tools (Project management, tasks monitoring, etc.).
    • BI architecture revamp.
    • Modernize existing reports.
    • Handling of urgent topics.
    • Background knowledge to acquire: Spineart’s business processes and technical environment (ERP, SQL, etc.).


    • High BI technical skills (MS Power BI).
    • Engineer education (Master degree or equivalent).
    • Must have experience in Microsoft solutions (Dataverse a plus).
    • Fluent English and French.
    • Force de proposition.
    • Solution oriented (+ keep it simple).
    • Flexible (deals with emergency along with long term projects).
    • Curious – Capacity for adaptation.