9 Mai 2018

Pediatric Orthopedic Society North America

On May 9-11, Spineart USA exhibited at the POSNA (Pediatric Orthopedic Society North America) annual meeting in Austin, Texas.  Dr. Torin Cunningham, Medical Director, Pediatric Orthopedic Center at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA, provided demonstration of his innovative Chest Wall Derotation technique which is performed with the aid of ROMEO®2 instruments and motion-limited ROMEO®2 25D screws.  The event was a success with many interested surgeons stopping by to learn more about the products and technique.

4 Mai 2018

International Spine Summit, a Global Success!

Spineart is delighted to report the success of the third international Spine Summit, held in Dubrovnik on May 4-5 under the leadership of Dr Jörg Franke and Dr Samuel Pantoja. 

45 surgeons from 18 Countries gathered to discuss the topic of “Failed Spine Surgery”. The attendees were very satisfied by the interactive meeting and its scientific content.

20 Avril 2018

VCF Expert Academy

Following the success of the first edition, the Spineart Education Team is pleased to announce the successful completion of the second VCF Expert Academy, held in Geneva on April 20.

Under the leadership of the 2 chairmen, PD Dr. Maestretti (Switzerland) and Dr Marcia (Italy), 5 participants were trained on the use of Spineart’s VCF treatment, TEKTONA®.

Spineart wishes to the attendees continuous success in their clinical practice!

20 Avril 2018


SPINEART today announced that it has completed over 1,000 JULIET Ti-LIFE procedures in the US.  Ti-LIFETECHNOLOGY is an enhanced algorithm for additive manufacturing resulting in a porous structure that mimics trabecular bone. Ti-LIFE structure has an average pore diameter and overall porosity similar to trabecular bone, which may enable cell colonization and promote bone in-growth. Ti-LIFE technology allows the production of implants with reduced overall density, optimizing intra and post-operative visualization. Testing has shown Ti-LifeTECHNOLOGY has a lower Modulus of Elasticity when compared to PEEK material, as well as lower risk of subsidence and superior compressive strength vs. PEEK cages. TiLife TECHNOLOGY is expected to be one of the company’s main growth generators in the coming years as it becomes integrated into additional product lines.

5 Avril 2018

Cervical Spineart Academy

The Spineart Education Team, in collaboration with the SFITS (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery) has held an Advanced Cervical Spineart Academy in Geneva on April 5-6.

Over 2 days, 22 participants from 13 different Countries have shared their experiences with the 6 the faculty members.

A special thanks to the chairmen, Dr. Patrick Fransen (Belgium) and Pr. Vincent Pointillart (France), for passionately sharing their knowledge and skills with the attendees.

17 Mars 2018

First Cervical Spine Summit gathering Argentinian & Brazilian surgeons on the age-old question: To Fuse or Not to Fuse?

Spineart and NOS, our exclusive partner in Brazil, are delighted to announce the success of the first Argentinian-Brazilian Cervical Spine Summit which was held in Buenos Aires on March 16th & 17th. Thirty surgeons participated in this highly interactive two-day course. In addition to cervical case discussions, attendees observed a cervical anterior live surgery using the company’s Baguera C and Scarlet AC-T products, performed by Dr. Pointillart from France, together with the team of Hospital de Clinicas, Buenos Aires.

16 Mars 2018

Italian Spineart Academy, a Global Success!

The Spineart Education team is delighted to share the success of the Italian Spineart Academy held on March 16th in Madrid, Spain. Under the leadership of our chairman, Dr Vincenzo CHIESURA (Cagliari, Italy), 6 surgeons in attendance were trained on Spineart MIS solutions. All participants positively commented on the advanced level of clinical content, as well as the benefits of the hands-on workshop offered.

10 Mars 2018

Spineart Brings Their Innovative Spine Summit to Asia-Pacific!

Spineart is delighted to share the first ever Asia-Pacific Spine Summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand on March 10th.
Coming from each country within the region, 26 surgeons participated in a highly interactive, case-based discussion.
Upon conclusion, many commented the advanced level of clinical content shared amongst peers makes this program stand out from the rest.

8 Mars 2018

Degenerative Spineart Academy, a Global Success!

Spineart is delighted to announce the successful completion of the first Degenerative Spineart Academy held at the Siriraj University Hospital of Bangkok on March 8th and 9th.  Over the course of two days, international faculty members instructed 32 participants from 13 countries.  All attendees commented positively on the advanced level of clinical content, as well as the benefits of the hands-on workshop offered.

2 Mars 2018

VCF Expert Spineart Academy, a first success for this new format!

Spineart is delighted to announce the successful completion of the first VCF Expert Spineart Academy that was held at the University Hospital of Geneva on February 23rd. During this day, two international faculty members instructed 7 participants on treating Vertebral Compression Fractures with our Tektona system. All attendees positively commented on the advanced level of clinical content, as well as the benefits of the hands-on workshop offered.