4 April 2019

Neurospine Congress in Bern

Spineart was a proud participant in the 9th annual Neurospine Congress held in Bern on February 28th. 

Topics such as chronic pain and neurostimulation, anterior lumbar instrumentation for degenerative lumbar disease, and diagnosis and management of sacroiliac joint syndrome were discussed amongst the 100+ participants.

28 March 2019

Cervical and Lumbar Degenerative Academy in Bangkok

The Spineart team is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Cervical and Lumbar Degenerative Academy 2019 held in Bangkok on March 14th and 15th.

Over the course of two days, 22 participants from 7 countries shared their experiences with esteemed faculty members.

Special thanks go to our two Chairmen, Dr Alvarez-Galovich (Sapin) and Pr Wicharn (Thailand), for sharing their knowledge and technical skills with our attendees.

27 March 2019

First Machined Juliet LL Surgery

Spineart is pleased to announce the first machined Juliet LL surgery conducted at Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, completed March 22nd, by Dr. Edgar Ferreira.

The patient was a 52 year-old woman.  Operating level:  L3-L4 for adjacent level disease, with existing instrumentation at L4-L5.  The surgery was navigated.

We are grateful for the support and guidance of Julie Plano, as well as our colleagues in the US.   

20 February 2019

Austrian Spine Society

As part of Spineart’s strategy to expand and increase market share in Austria, we proudly attended the 20th Spine Symposium of the Austrian Spine Society in Vienna on January 26th. 

15 February 2019

Deformity Spineart Academy, a Global Success!

The Spineart Team, in collaboration with the SFITS (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery) is proud to share the success of the Advanced DeformitySpineart Academy, held in Geneva January 21st and 22nd.

Over the two-day course, 29 participants from 17 countries shared their experiences with esteemed faculty members. Special thanks go to our two Chairmen, Pr Dante Marchesi (Switzerland) and Dr Ibrahim Obeid (France), for sharing their knowledge and technical skills with our attendees.

14 February 2019

Arab Health Meeting in Dubai

For the 6th consecutive year, Spineart was honored to participate in the Arab Health Meeting held in Dubai.


This event is always an excellent opportunity to connect with our distributors representing Spineart in the Middle East and African countries, as well as network with prospects.  Special thanks go to the Medline team for their thorough logistical assistance on-site.

12 February 2019

23rd Operative Spine Course 2019

On January 16th to 18th 2019, Spineart’s exclusive Thai partner Medical Worldtech was proud to sponsor the “23rd Operative Spine Course 2019” held this year in Chiangmai, Thaïland. 

This annual Thai national event gathered more than 500 spine surgeons from all over the country.

Medical Worldtech with Spineart had the chance to host a successful lunchtime symposium, focusing on two key products: BAGUERA C cervical disc prosthesis and ROMEO2 degenerative system. More than 80 surgeons attended this specific session.  

30 January 2019

5-year anniversary of Spineart Spain

We are thrilled to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Spineart Spain. From solidifying a base of medical education, to providing solutions for specialist surgeons and their patients; the growth over these years has been exponential.  We share this wonderful milestone with our valued customers and collaborators. 

28 January 2019

Spineart Announces 1,000th Perla Posterior Cervical surgery

Spineart has successfully completed 1,000 Perla surgeries in the US.  Launched in 2016, Perla is Spineart’s first posterior cervico-thoracic fixation system. 

The comprehensive implant range includes cranial-caudal and mediolateral preferred angle screws, 9 different connector designs, rod-rod and head-head cross connectors and titanium and cobalt chrome rod options.   

Transition rods provide connection to Spineart’s Romeo2 thoracolumbar fixation system, allowing fixation from C1 to S1.

As with all of Spineart’s ever-expanding spine portfolio, the Perla Fixation system is comprised of sterile implants and one compact instrument set.

25 January 2019

French Society of Spinal Surgery Course in Nantes

On January 11th, the French Spineart Team proudly supported the French Society of Spinal Surgery (SFCR) Course in the CHU NANTES Anatomy Laboratory.

Chaired by Dr. Delecrin and Dr. Parent, the course focused on posterior approaches of thoracic and lumbar spine, in a traditional and mini invasive way, as well as open and percutaneous approach.

15 January 2019

EANS in Lyon

On January 10-11th, Spineart proudly partnered with the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) for their Spine Course Step II held in Lyon.

Under the leadership of well-recognized International faculty, including:  Prof. Demetriades (Edinburgh), Prof. Lafuente (Barcelona), Dr. Tessitore (Geneva), Prof. Velinov (Sofia), and chairmen Prof. Barrey (France) and Prof. Torstein (Norway), the participants gave glowing reviews noting the advanced level of clinical content and benefits of the hands-on workshop offered.