Among SPINEART’s core objectives, the development of educational and scientific programs for medical professionals is of particular importance. Beginning with our first educational event in 2005, we continue to develop new, industry-leading education and training resources.
Today, Spineart is proud to offer a complete educational platform with a full range of learning opportunities.
Contact us at or check out our calendar to learn more about SPINEART’s educational events.

Spineart Academy

Unique two days course led by experienced and internationally renowned faculty members on the safe and effective use of Spineart products. Six courses are available: Basic, Degenerative, Deformity, MIS, Cervical, Anterior & Lateral.
These modular courses give every participant the opportunity to convert theory into practice during hands on cadaveric laboratory sessions.


Degenerative, Deformity, MIS, Cervical, Anterior & Lateral: intended for surgeons with advanced levels in the management and treatment of patients with spine pathologies.

Basic Spine Course: intended for residents and fellows.

Spine Summit

Surgeon meeting designed in collaboration with international and experienced faculties in order to promote networking and peer-to-peer interaction. Based on case discussion, the goal is to encourage honest and open discussion among colleagues in an interactive atmosphere. This meeting features concrete and challenging case discussion on various topics in contemporary spine surgery. Our focus is on your education and training, not product promotion.



All surgeons specialized in spine.



LATAM SUMMIT About education



North American Spine Society

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DACH SPINE SUMMIT About education

Peer to Peer Visitation

The Peer to Peer Visitation is a unique one on one training offered to surgeons to provide a focused and world class training experience. Based on the specialty of the surgeon, the program is organized in one of the 18 Spineart Expert Centers across the world. Although each visiting program is tailor-made to meet the needs of the surgeon, it generally includes OR attendance, surgery planning and case discussion.


The Peer to Peer Visitation is intended for:

  • Fully trained surgeons on Spineart products aiming at:
    • Learning from Expert surgeon to improve existing knowledge through “tips and pearls”
    • Gaining valuable insight into practices and challenges at other hospitals/clinics
  • Surgeons not using Spineart products with clear and specific learning objectives


On request. For more information on how you can attend a Peer to Peer Visitation, please contact your local Spineart representative.

Spineart developed a large range of internal training options to support our employees and partners in developing their knowledge and skills.  

To register to a specific training, please write to


Introduction trainings:

Concept: Training dedicated to new employees with administrative, logistics or production roles. The objective is for them to understand the medical device environment and the rational and implication of their role in the company. It includes a general presentation of the goal and use of Spineart products.

2023 Dates:
13.03 in Geneva with a production and logistics site guided visits
12.06 in Geneva
25.09 in Geneva with a production and logistics site guided visits
11.12 in Geneva

Fundamental trainings:

Concept: Training dedicated to new employees with sales, marketing, education, R&D, quality and clinical roles. The objective is to give a deep understanding of the spine anatomy, pathologies and surgical approaches, as well as a detailed product trainings with many tips and tricks and hands-on.

2023 Dates:
On-line: 06-07.03, on-site:14-17.03 in Geneva
On-line: 19-20.06, on-site:27-30.06 in Geneva
On-line: 19-20.09, on-site:26-29.09 in Geneva
On-line: 04-05.12, on-site:12-15.12 in Geneva


Advanced trainings:

Concept: Give to the sales and marketing employees the tools to develop success in their function on a specific topic (surgical approach, product, clinical aspect…). The format includes surgeons and internal experts as speakers, roles plays, hands-on… and typically last 2 half days.

2023 Dates:
23-24.02 Advanced training Spain – ALIF/LLIF approaches, Valencia
25-26.04 Advanced training International – posterior MIS approaches, Geneva
24-25.05 Advanced training Germany – VCF & TEKTONA®2, Düsseldorf
15-16.11 Advanced training France – posterior MIS approaches, Marseille
21-22.11 Advanced training International – VCF & TEKTONA®2, Location tbc
+ On-demand trainings

Spineart University is a new E-Learning platform launched in Q2 2023. It will support the onboarding curriculum as well as provide continuous training to all employees and distributors. It will contain mandatory training with quiz (Anatomy, Products, Legal/Compliance, Quality…) as well as a vast library of educative courses and videos. 

Some modules will be part of the Fundamental and Introduction trainings, some others constitute continuous trainings. 

To register, please write to