Deformity Academy

In Miami last week, deformity surgeons from Latin America, Spain and the USA had the invaluable opportunity to share their techniques and learn from their peers. Over the course of 2 days, 30 participants contributed their insights on osteotomies and derotation, as well as thoracic and sacroiliac fixation, both in the classroom and the anatomical lab at the Miami Anatomical Research Center (MARC) Institute.

We warmly thank the two Chairmen, Dr. Samuel Pantoja (Chile) and Dr. Gabriel Rositto (Argentina), as well as our Guest speaker, Dr. Rod J. Oskouian, MD, FAANS (USA), and the four Faculties, Prof. Raphael Marcon (Brazil), Dr. Juan Martin Valdivia (USA), Dr. Luis Esparragoza Cabrera (Spain) and Dr. Ricardo Restrepo (Columbia), for generously sharing their time and expertise and all the participants for giving their valuable experiences, benefitting their peers and patients alike.