Spineart is delighted to announce that 73 patients have been included, thus completing the enrollment of the BAGUERA® L study!

BAGUERA® L is a prosthesis intended as a replacement for a lumbar intervertebral disc, in patients with symptomatic lumbar disc disease. The patients were treated with BAGUERA® L from 2013 to 2018 in France and Germany. This study is monitoring the long-term safety and performance of BAGUERA® L.

We look forward to the results of this study and would like to thank Dr. Pedram from the Centre Aquitain du dos (France), Dr. Janata from the Grenzland MVZ (Germany), as well as their clinical teams, for their involvement and dedication to this clinical study and for reaching this milestone!

 Here are a few words from them on the BAGUERA® L:

“BAGUERA® L is a reliable implant for total disc replacement with very good long-term results. The instruments are user friendly and allow exact placement of the implant at the disc space.” commented Dr. Janata.

“BAGUERA® L combines ease of installation, MRI compatibility and the ability to choose a mobile or fixed core according to anatomical conditions.” said Dr. Pedram.