Spineart is proud to announce the first surgeries involving PERLA® TL Cortical, the new Posterior Thoraco-lumbar Fixation System.

On January 19th, the first world-wide surgery with the new PERLA® TL Cortical system was a one-level fusion from L4 to L5, performed by Dr. Jeroen Ceuppens at AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk, Belgium. A week later, on January 25th, the first PERLA® TL Cortical case in the US was a two-level fusion from L4 to S1, performed by Dr. Jason Huffman, MD at Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, California. 

Dr. Ceuppens said “The system gives a very good tactile feeling when connecting the modular head onto the screw shank. You can feel it when the head is seated onto the screw and the final locking is tactile and audibly confirmed.“

Dr. Huffman commented on the new system that, “The PERLA® TL Cortical system offers simplified, streamlined instrumentation. The modular shanks provided improved visibility and workflow and attaching the modular heads was quick and intuitive. Overall, PERLA® TL Cortical fully addresses the unique demands of the cortical approach and is among the best systems I have used.”

PERLA® TL Cortical, with its dual pitch threads, modular head, cortical trajectory technique, and specific retractor and distractor, is the newest addition to Spineart’s next generation screw platform, PERLA® TL. Further extensions of the PERLA® TL fixation system are expected to be announced during 2021.

The PERLA® TL Platform is under limited release.