First Surgery with the new Hyperlordotic Secured Lumbar Anterior Cage SCARLET® AL-T HL

Spineart is proud to announce the first worldwide surgery using SCARLET® AL-T HL, the new Hyperlordotic Secured Lumbar Anterior Cage.

On November 10th 2020, surgery with the new SCARLET® AL-T HL Hyperlordotic Secured Lumbar Anterior Cage was successfully performed in the United States by Dr. Jeffrey E Deckey from Orange, CA.

Dr. Deckey commented on the new system that, “The introduction of the Hyperlordotic SCARLET® AL-T cage will provide significant improved options with regards to restoring sagittal balance in spinal deformity.  With varying degrees, one can dial in the correct amount of correction to appropriately match the lumbar lordosis and pelvic incidence.”

SCARLET®AL-T HL is a cage utilizing the Ti-LIFE Technology, an enhanced manufacturing process of titanium cages, based on 3D printing technology, that mimics trabecular bone-like structures.