Spineart is proud to announce the first surgeries involving the PERLA® TL LC system, the new PERLA® TL add-on dedicated to the treatment of spine deformity.

PERLA® TL LC is the extension of the PERLA® TL Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation System and includes: 

  • Brand new tower reducers with unilateral / bilateral clip-on versions, long run, powerful reduction and quick release for per-op flexibility
  • Exclusive 25D semi-polyaxial screw for optimized control of the vertebral rotation
  • Extensive range of implants including hooks, Z-rods and rod connectors

Dr. DECKEY, Orthopaedic Specialty Institute (Orange, CA, USA) declared that “The PERLA® TL LC system is a clear advance for Spineart in treating a wide range of spine deformity cases. The variety of screw insertion, rod reduction and in-situ bending instrument options provide the versatility I need for even my most complex cases. “

Dr. OBEID, University Hospital of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, FRANCE) reported that “PERLA® TL LC allows all strategies of correction for adolescent and adult. The tower reducers are easy to use, efficient and progressive, limiting the risk of screw pull-out. Short and long versions of instruments reduce efforts on surgeon’s shoulders.“

Dr. PEIRO, Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital (Barcelona, SPAIN) commented that “The range of instruments available allows the surgeon to perform any kind of correction maneuver. The new tower reducers combined with 25D screws are powerful tools to perform big corrections. PERLA® TL LC is a great system that makes complex spine deformity surgeries easier.“

Prof. STRUBE, German Center for Orthopedics (Eisenberg, GERMANY) said that “PERLA® TL LC is a solid and efficient deformity solution with lots of improvements. It is easy to handle and enables all parts of 3D-correction with the help of the fantastic 25D screw feature.“

PERLA® TL LC is under limited release.

PERLA® TL and PERLA® TL MIS systems for degenerative open and minimally invasive surgeries are respectively fully available since July 2021 and October 2022.