Premiere : Spineart lateral surgery

San Francisco, USA. Spineart is pleased to announce the first implantation of its lateral interbody device JULIET® LL in combination with the OTELO® MIS LATERAL Retractor.

Spineart has reached a new milestone, entering into the lateral approach market with an innovative full carbon fiber retractor that allows complete visualisation of the surgical site thanks to its radiolucent characteristics.

Dr Dimitriy Kondrashov, MD successfully performed the first case worldwide at St Mary Hospital in San Francisco. After the case, Dr Kondrashov commented: “The radiolucent design has allowed unparalleled visualization of the disk space and the placement of both the trials as well as the final implant under lateral fluoroscopic view. It made a very challenging multilevel degenerative scoliosis case safer and more straightforward. Being able to see the exact trial position has allowed me to avoid endplate violation and optimize anterior-to-posterior placement of the final lateral cages. I am looking forward to my next lateral case”.

All Spineart implants are sterile packaged and bar-coded for increased safety, traceability and cost-efficiency.

For more information, please contact us at contact@spineart.com9