SCARLET® AL-T is Spineart’s secured anterior lumbar cage, designed to optimize interbody fusion and featuring the Ti-LIFE technology and hyperlordotic options. Over 3000 patients have been treated with SCARLET® AL-T… read below what our surgeons are saying:

“The 20 Degree SCARLET® AL-T implant achieved excellent endplate apposition in this patient’s degenerative L5/S1 Disc Space and is a good addition to the sizing range.” – Dr Nova Thani, Australia

“I liked the simplicity and ease of use of SCARLET® AL-T which made the procedure safe and effective. Self-drilling screws were fantastic and now the patient is painless and walking. It has advantages compared with other cages on the market”. – Dr Nelson Sopalda, Panama

“SCARLET® AL-T is very versatile, it smoothly glides into the intervertebral disc space, avoiding too much stress for the endplates. The cage looks really good on X-ray, giving surgeon and patient a clear view of the pathology and the surgical solution adopted.” – Dr Francesco Caiazzo, Spain

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