SPINEART announces over 1,000 patients treated with SCARLET® AL-T in the USA.

Spineart USA announces over 1,000 patients treated with SCARLET® AL-T, its ALIF system launched in 2019. The implant was developed using the company’s flagship Ti-LIFE Technology, a titanium bone-like structure that supports bone cell adhesion and allows for bone ingrowth. A number of design features make SCARLET® AL-T unique: the 3D printed cages feature tunnels which prevent screw misalignment, the screws were designed with a triple lead and threaded end-tip, eliminating the need to drill or awl, the screw anti-backout system is both tactile and visual. A line extension with additional lordosis options will be launched later this year, along with the results of an in-vivo animal study, which will be presented at the North American Spine Society annual meeting. SCARLET® AL-T is comprised entirely of sterile packed implants, reducing the risk of contamination or infection.