Spineart is proud to announce that more than 50’000 Cervical Disc Prosthesis BAGUERA® C have been implanted globally.

Strong of excellent results at 5 years, BAGUERA® C stands out as top-notch artificial disc replacement device, elegantly engineered to ensure a safe and effective treatment option for patients. The 10 years clinical follow-up are expected to be released soon and an IDE clinical investigation is ongoing in the USA.

The BAGUERA® C Cervical Disc Prosthesis is an MRI safe spinal device. The endplates of the BAGUERA® C are anatomically shaped and their inner bearing surfaces are coated with a diamond-like material that features a low coefficient of friction. The load sharing design and the guided mobile nucleus are intended to prevent excessive constraints on the facet joints and the adjacent levels.

More information about BAGUERA® C on : https://www.spineart.com/products/