Spineart is proud to announce the official full launch of its new Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) System PERLA® TL MIS.

Built on a successful limited release period, the new MIS system is ready for use worldwide.

At Spineart, as an expert in Spine surgery, we strive to support all innovations that may support the transformation of spine surgery. While MISS appears in the literature as an approach resulting in less tissue trauma, less patient morbidity, and quicker recovery compared with conventional techniques, it has not yet been uniformly adopted globally by spine surgeons. The barriers to adoption may vary, and today with PERLA® TL MIS, Spineart is launching a system designed to simplify and to ease the instrumentation handling during surgery.

PERLA® TL MIS features many novelties designed for smooth procedures, optimizing OR time and allowing the system use in a wide variety of MISS cases.

In line with our tradition of simplicity in its purest senses, the system comes with only 2 sets of smart instruments featuring a secured and guided rod insertion. Designed with the company’s commitment to Quality, Innovation and Simplicity in mind, the PERLA® TL MIS screw offers:

  • Extended Tabs and Built-in reduction, enabling OR time optimization
  • 6 Cutting edges screw tips for a soft and precise insertion

PERLA® TL MIS benefits from the same attention to details, design and features as the PERLA®, Spineart’s most recent Posterior Fixation platform.

The launch of PERLA® TL MIS demonstrates our continuous commitment to transform spine surgery for the surgeons, patients and hospitals.

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