Everything you need to know about Spineart and its story

About us

Spineart is a privately held medical device company focused on improving patient’s outcome by simplifying the surgical act. Pioneer in our field, we have introduced technologies to treat patients in the most effective and safe way. Present in more than 60 markets, we market a complete portfolio to treat all spine pathologies.

Our mission is to transform Spine Surgery for surgeons, patients and hospitals.

Advancing healthcare by creating safe solutions for the spine surgery ecosystem.

Spineart was founded in 2005 by Jérôme Levieux and Stéphane Mugnier-Jacob. Both from the Spine industry, they were driven by a market need: create an implant that would keep the mobility of the spine. That is how the idea of creating Spineart and the Cervical Disc Prosthesis BAGUERA® C came to life. At this time, the industry was also in need of simple instrumentation. Therefore, both decided they will make a point of creating an instrumentation that is as simple as possible and that contains few instruments for surgeries.

The same philosophy, Quality Innovation Simplicity, that drives us today was born and, since then, Spineart is continuously pushing the boundaries of the industry to develop systems for the best patient’s outcome.

Our executive committee, composed of 7 leaders in the Medical Device industry, works hand in hand with the Board of Directors, to develop the technologies that will shape the future of our industry.

As any other company, Spineart is responsible for the effects of its activities on the society and the environment.

From employees’ wellbeing to promoting a greener place to work, Spineart continuously creates new ways to foster a better environment for everyone.

Because we value a workplace that enables employees to pursue their dreams, we make sure their happiness, safety, future and health is taken care of.

We also truly believe that small things are often at the origin of big changes. That is why we implemented a recycling policy and want to push it even further in the future. We also promote greener ways to come to our offices.

Our society and its needs have never changed so fast and Spineart is fully committed to playing its role in this evolution.