Cervical disc arthroplasty with the BAGUERA® C prosthesis: clinical and radiological results of a 10‐year follow‐up study

P. Fransen, D. Noriega, A. Chatzisotiriou, V. Pointillart

The European Spine Journal, June 18th, 2023

Purpose: We evaluated the long-term safety, mobility and complications of cervical total disc arthroplasty with the BAGUERA®C prosthesis over 10 years.

Methods: We included 91 patients treated by arthroplasty for cervical degenerative disc disease. A total of 113 prostheses were implanted (50 one-level, 44 two-level and 19 hybrid constructs). They were assessed for complications, clinically, with NDI and SF-12 questionnaires and by independent radiologists for ROM, HO, disc height and adjacent level degeneration.

Results: No spontaneous migration, loss of fixation, subsidence, vascular complication or dislocation were observed. The reoperation rate was 1%. About 82.7% of the patients were pain free. About 9.9% were taking occasional grade I painkillers. Motricity and sensitivity were preserved in 98.8% and 96.3%. The NDI showed an average functional disability of 17.58%, 26% lower than preoperatively. The SF-12 scores were close to normal health. The average ROM at the treated level was 7.4°. Motion was preserved in 86.6%. Lack of motion was observed in 13.4%. Grades II and III H0 were present in 53.7% and 31.7%, respectively, Grade IV was present in 13.4%. Motion was preserved in 100% of the grades 0–III. The preoperative adjacent level disc height of 4.3 mm remained stable during all the follow-ups at 4.4 mm and 4.2 mm, respectively, at 5 and 10 years.

Conclusions: After 10 years, cervical arthroplasty with the Baguera®C prosthesis presents excellent safety and functional results and low complications. Motion was preserved in 86.6%, with a 7.4° ROM. Although common, HO did not hinder motion. Adjacent disc height preservation confirms some adjacent level degeneration protection.

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Preliminary Results after 5 Years Postoperative Controls. Fransen P, Noriega D, Chatzisotiriou A, and Pointillart V. Journal of Spine, 2018

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