Über Spineart USA


Spineart was founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland. Spineart has become one of the fastest growing spine companies, achieving a leading position in the European market and representation in 56 Markets worldwide.


Spineart’s commitment is to address the changes of the healthcare industry by providing efficient and cost effective solutions, reducing the workflow complexity while increasing safety. The use of compact and intuitive sets allows for reduced learning curve, decreased sterilization cost and better workflow: no more than 2 instrument trays per case! Our lean inventory management allows us to accommodate price pressure without compromising implant quality or investments in innovation.

Since inception, every implant produced by Spineart has been delivered sterile and barcoded.

  • Pre-packaged Sterile implants are a safer choice for patients: no contamination
  • Implants are always ready to use… no OR delays due to improper reprocessing
  • SPD time is freed and hospital costs reduced
  • The barcoding on the packaging ensures traceability and faster billing. Only the implanted devices are billed!

Spineart has a global network of worldwide distribution. Spineart offers a complete product portfolio of spinal implants, including 3D printed interbodies made with the unique Ti-LIFE Technology, innovative pedicle and cortical screw systems, a percutaneous k-wireless system, radiolucent retractors for posterior and lateral approach, in addition to many other products. See the full portfolio at a glance here. The Training and Education department provides world-class courses in many locations worldwide on a monthly basis to provide in-depth training to our surgeon customers as well as our distribution partners.